Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

Company Name IwaiCosmo Holdings, Inc.
Established July 4th,1944
Head Office 1-8-12 Imabashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka
Capital 10,004 million yen
Securities exchange of listed Prime Market of Tokyo Stock Exchange(Code: 8707)
Fiscal year 31-Mar
Number of employees 864 *Consolidated basis (as of April , 2022)

Board of Directors

Chairman and CEO Yoshiaki Okitsu
President and COO Takao Sasakawa
Director Yasuhiro Matsuura
Independent Outside Director Terumichi Saeki
Independent Outside Director Yusuke Saraya
Independent Outside Director Takako Igaki
Corporate Auditor Toshiharu Takeuchi
Outside Corporate Auditor Hiroyuki Osuna
Outside Corporate Auditor Saeko Kuwaki

Group Companies

IwaiCosmo Securities Co.,Ltd. IwaiCosmo Securities is the core operating company of the Group, and provides asset management proposals mainly to individual investors and, in recent years, financial services utilizing IT technology. 
IwaiCosmo Business Service Co.,Ltd. As a member of the IwaiCosmo Securities Group, IwaiCosmo Business Service is mainly responsible for the back office operations of IwaiCosmo Holdings and IwaiCosmo Securities .